39.5 miles in June and school is out!

You know you are a runner when you don’t round your mileage ;). You also know it’s killing me to see that .5 – it won’t happen again πŸ™‚   
June is always a tough month, there are a million things going on. Here in the Northeast, school just got out (the last day for the boys was June 25). This means lots of fun end of the year events, field trips and school celebrations. Not great for running.  

Last night was my first night at the track. Definitely hard to get back in the swing of ovals. The beauty of the track is you can focus on intervals when you aren’t feeling it. We walked and sprinted to get back in the groove.

Previously, the boys participated in a running program and I ran with friends while they were in class. This year, we have baseball. I am still meeting my friend on Tuesday nights and will sneak in miles elsewhere πŸ™‚

I realized while I was looking at my running stats how much has changed in a year. July is usually our best month because we have the set time at the track. We generally logged between 12 and 14 miles a week. Over the past year, we’ve increased our weekly runs and this is much more our norm.

The end of June taught me to take it hour by hour (day by day was a little overwhelming) and so far it is working. This hour is for chauffeuring, this hour is for teaching, beach, grocery shopping, etc. Thankfully, I included this hour is for running.

So far, we are soaking up as much summer fun as possible!! How is your summer going? Is it busy or does it slow down?


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